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“while you’re debt may grow…”

"While your debt may grow if your affordable payments are low enough, anything you still owe after 25 years of qualifying payments will be forgiven."


Article: Is the Copyright Office a neutral party?

More trou??bling is the fact that, hav??ing dis??missed fair use in the broad??er con??text of mass dig??i??ti??za??tion, the Copy??right Office never dis??cuss??es it in the more nar??row field of orphan works.?? With orphans, of course, fair use seems like a stronger argu??ment, since there is no mar??ket that can be harmed by the use, espe??cial??ly if it is itself non-commercial.?? But it seems clear that the??CO??is com??mit??ted to cre??at??ing such a mar??ket by push??ing a licens??ing scheme, and is not will??ing to dis??cuss any option that might under??mine its pre??de??ter??mined con??clu??sion.

Article: Is the Copyright Office a neutral party?

The needs and voic??es of own??ers in the lega??cy con??tent indus??tries seem to get extra weight, while the needs of users, who are more dif??fuse and do not have as many ded??i??cat??ed lob??by??ists, get less atten??tion.

Lessons Learned in Producing Free Music | Headphone Commute

Lesson 1

No one cares about my music the way I do. There???s no reason for them to ??? for me its a primary extension of self. It???s what I pour myself into, laboring, debating, molding, and refining everything for a ridiculous number of hours. Then, after all this toil and triumph, I release an album, where all my pride and insecurities are balled up in an explosive state of nervous excitement. My friends and fans will support and celebrate with me, which is truly amazing, but it???s important to recognize that most people don???t care about it, nor understand the effort it takes. It???s important (though almost impossible) not to have expectations of how my music will be received. What???s most important is how??I??feel about my music. You???ll hear this again and again when you???re an artist ??? it just took experience for me to internalize it.

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Article: MOBY – Dubspot Interview @ Decibel 2011: Talks DJing, Production Advice, Creativity + | Dubspot Blog

MOBY – Dubspot Interview @ Decibel 2011: Talks DJing, Production Advice, Creativity + | Dubspot Blog

Moby: Pretty simply.. the variables involved in any sort of creative production ??? whether it???s making a painting or writing a book or whatever ??? the trajectories are pretty simple and pretty similar. So when you???re working on a piece of music there is the musician, the equipment and there???s the audience. The question I think where a lot of resistance comes is: when do you involve the audience? There???s the literal audience and then there???s the figurative audience that exists in our heads. What inhibits a lot of people is involving that figurative audience way too soon. You must give yourself the complete creative freedom to do whatever you want.. and only start thinking about how people might respond to it when you???re ready to play it for them. Aside from that ??? nobody needs to hear it. So experiment and make mistakes and be imperfect.. don???t judge what you are doing. Sometimes the best ideas come from mistakes. And also.. just keep working. If I spend 100 days in a row making music there???s a chance nothing will come of it. But if I spend 100 days not making music it???s guaranteed that nothing will come of it. So keep working.

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