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It's not that white men are guaranteed preferential treatment in every setting. It's that white men are raised to expect to be welcomed wherever they go. When they find that that automatic welcome isn't forthcoming, they tend to be indignant. When angry middle-class whites gather together in political groups to "take back our country," what they want to grab back are the privileges they sense they've lost.


Research foresees demand-driven book acquisition replacing librarians’ discretion | Inside Higher Ed

And so libraries end up letting the majorities of their handpicked collections collect dust in the stacks while mailing back and forth the books that students and scholars actually use through interlibrary loan programs — which is not so much a service, Anderson says, as ???how we apologize to our patrons for our failure to guess they???re actually going to want to read.???

Inside Higher Ed??

Faulty Towers: The Crisis in Higher Education | The Nation

Learning isn???t about downloading a certain quantity of information into your brain, as the proponents of online instruction seem to think. It is about the kind of interchange and incitement???the leading forth of new ideas and powers???that can happen only in a seminar. (???Seminar??? being a fancy name for what every class already is from K???12.) It is labor-intensive; it is face-to-face; it is one-at-a-time.

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