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Article: The Mahatma and the Poet: Tagore’s Letters to Gandhi on Power, Morality, and Science

“The danger inherent in all force grows stronger when it is likely to gain success, for then it becomes temptation.”

The Mahatma and the Poet: Tagores Letters to Gandhi on Power, Morality, and Science

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Q&A: Author Susan Cain on ???the power of introverts??? in business and beyond

Looking beyond the corporate world, what would you most like to see change as a result of??Quiet??and other research into introversion?

I want to see a different world for the next generation of quiet children. I think it???s really children who bare the brunt of our bias against introversion. From the time children are very young, they are sent the message that they should enjoy participating in big, rowdy group activities. They???re expected to go to school every day ??? which is in itself a big, rowdy group activity ??? and they???re not really expected to crave downtime from all of this. It???s a profound misunderstanding of who these children are. The kids who want to go off by themselves or play quietly with one or two friends instead of a big, merry gang are often seen as problem cases and they???re not. They???re just normal introverts. It???s a really big problem that I would like to change.

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