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Weekend Read: If I Can Be An Entrepreneur, So Can You

"They started companies because they had become tired of working for others, had a great idea they wanted to commercialize, or woke up one day with an urgent desire to build wealth before they retired."



3 Things Privileged Christians Can Learn from the Trayvon … : The Exchange : A Blog by Ed Stetzer

"Those of us who are privileged benefit from living in a society that accommodates rather than alienates us."

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9 Job Mistakes That Could Stall Your Entire Career – Forbes

Myth 9: 20-Somethings Are Entitled

Gen Y gets a bad rap, but after all of her work with 20-somethings, Jay doesn’t view them as narcissistic or entitled, just inexperienced. “Your bosses aren’t your parents or teachers—they don’t care about your personal development,” Jay explains. “That misunderstanding leads to friction and mistakes.”

“Forward thinking doesn’t just come with age,” she writes in “The Defining Decade.” “It comes with practice and experience.” 20-somethings will learn to adjust to the workplace—they just need a real-time chance to prove themselves.