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about viewports

There’s a catch here, though. Sometimes the formal screen.width does not make much sense because the pixel count is just too high. For instance, the Nexus One has a formal width of 480px, but Google engineers have decided that giving the layout viewport a width of 480px when using device-width is just too much. They shrank it to 2/3rds, so that device-width gives you a width of 320px, just as on the iPhone.



"This suggests to me – though Seaman does not argue this – that in becoming one with the non-human prop of Christ, medieval persons extended their capabilities and were in turn profoundly transformed by that encounter, in a manner analogous to modern forms of distributed cognition: their minds, in other words, did not end with their bodies but were imaginatively and practically enmeshed in, and extended by, the external tool of Christ."

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“Reflective listening is an important skill. If I were starting O’Reilly all over again, I’d spend a lot more time making sure that the culture I was trying to create was the one that I actually did create! And we’re working hard today not just to get everyone on the same page but to make sure that it’s the same page that we think it is!”