What I Learned about Lust and Beauty from a Flickr Voyeur

What I Learned about Lust and Beauty from a Flickr Voyeur


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for blaze pizza, Simple Pie

add 20g of carbs with four hour absorbtion and the possibility of changing it five foe first slice and
pre bolus by 15/20 min if possible.

then change the carb value on initial slice entry (by adding another 20g) when she eats it.



It’s the system’s DIY roots that got it down the pike so fast. Mazlish’s wife, the first to use the prototype that inspired the Bigfoot system, is a pediatrician who has had type 1 diabetes since she was 12 years old. For years, Sarah was Mazlish’s study cohort of one. He’d ask her what functions she’d like a device to have, and he’d set to work developing them and then test the result on her.

“Because we did this outside traditional medical-device development, we were doing new versions once or twice a week,” says Mazlish. “She would give me feedback. I would implement changes. The speed of innovation was incredible.” They believe that their approach will bring Bigfoot Biomedical to clinical trials ahead of the game. “We’re not using these trials to fine-tune our algorithms.”

Speed of innovation is why the DIY community, despite new commercial options like Dexcom Share and the Medtronic 670G, shows no signs of slowing. “The FDA route offers more opportunity for widespread dissemination of a product,” says Lee, “but there’s an incredible opportunity for personalization on the [DIY] side.”

That’s why Costik and Lewis haven’t traded in their hacks for out-of-the-box solutions. Both say that their systems do more than commercial options largely because of the customizing they’ve done over the years.

“I think [the DIY community] will always be able to push the envelope a little bit faster than the commercial systems,” says Lewis.


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