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Article: A not-very-appealing appeal

This is not about pro??tect??ing authors; it is, as it always has been, a mar??ket??ing ploy, espe??cial??ly for the??CCC, that aims to com??pel libraries to give an even larg??er share of their bud??gets to these pub??lish??ers, and the groups that are financ??ing them, with??out get??ting any new schol??ar??ship for that money.


A Little More Ration for Fashion | Cardus Blog

Fashion, on the other hand, is an exercise in virtue. Fashion requires
consciousness, intentionality, meditation, and time. Fashion assumes
awareness and deliberation. It assumes the category of beauty and the
discipline of aesthetics. It assumes that others are intentional about
what they wear and why they wear it. It assumes the possibility and
importance of style. It understands the concept of adornment. Few
Christians fashion themselves.


"In 2008, I was producing a record by the Kaiser Chiefs and wearing suits every day. But I was living out of a hotel and eventually ran out of clean shirts, so I had to wear a polo and a pair of black jeans. Nobody would pay attention to me that day. Finally I was like, "Oi! What the fuck? Listen to me!' And Ricky from the band was like, 'Why? You look like a teenager.' People look at you differently when you grow up and wear clothes that fit you better."

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